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Executive Roundtable: Charting the Future of HR

October 12, 2015

A Candid Discussion with 10 CHROs

People + Strategy’s Executive Roundtable Editor David Reimer sat down with 10 CHROs over two dinner conversations in Manhattan and San Jose. Each leader represented companies with global presence—with annual revenues ranging from $4 billion to $25 billion. The industry sectors represented spanned banking, B2B, retail, construction and manufacturing, and software.

Participants engaged in a freewheeling discussion about the ways their roles are different today than were just a few years ago, the future they envision for HR, and the active stance they are taking in helping create that future. Even when they disagreed on particulars, they agreed on one theme: It’s time to stop talking about the what of HR’s future, and shift focus and actions to the how.

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