Case study | Developing a Stronger Bench – Fortune 500 Energy Company

Emerging Leaders Development

Developing a Stronger Bench – Fortune 500 Energy Company

The Challenge

This global energy company was looking to develop and strengthen the succession bench via a systemic leadership development process.

Merryck Support

Merryck partnered with the company and a leading university to develop an integrated cohort for emerging leaders.  In addition to help shaping the program, Merryck provided targeted mentoring that was customized to the critical learnings from a weeklong intensive program The mentoring included individual and group sessions and continued for six months. The company ran three years of this program covering close to 75 individuals. 


  • Leaders in the cohort have contributed significantly to the strategic success of the company
  • Most of the ELT are graduates of the program including two CEO successor candidates
  • Cohort participants were assessed as demonstrating a greater ability to delegate, empower/develop their teams, and work across the matrix to drive new solutions and consistency