Leadership Return
On Succession

Ensuring tangible return on time invested, measured by succession candidates who closely match the execution capabilities and leadership qualities required to deliver on your strategy, with your resources, in your market.

Merryck is able to support an organisation at any point in its succession journey – including partnering with other suppliers.

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Succession Planning

Does Your Leadership Pipeline
Really Match Your Strategy?

Merryck helps boards maximise the value, robustness and future focus of succession by bringing an operator’s lens to the question, “What problem-sets must the next executive team solve for?” We then help assess and develop a truly diverse candidate pool to meet the real-world demands of your strategy.

Getting the
Profile Right

We help organisations develop their best succession candidate profile using:

  • Merryck’s Succession Framework

  • Company-specific X-Factors

  • Stakeholder Interviews

Merryck’s Four X-Factors of Exceptional Leaders

Merryck has established a baseline of four X-factors, characteristics of leaders who drive successful transformation, but we build upon those for each company-specific context.

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A Pragmatic Approach to
Leadership Assessment

Traditional succession assessments excel at identifying the table-stakes for operating effectively in the C-suite: strategic mindset, comfort with ambiguity, emotional intelligence, etc. But they struggle to identify the X-factors that truly differentiate the leaders of the future.

Merryck’s approach combines our own assessment of the candidates while integrating other data streams to provide stakeholders with a clear business view for both development and selection.

How We Do It

Depending on your needs and where you are in your succession
journey, our process may include:

Merryck’s 360 Leadership Scope Assessment

Assessing Against Leadership X-Factors

Other Internal and External Data Points



We’ll work with HR to synthesise data streams to form a coherent assessment of each candidate. The output is an actionable development plan for each succession candidate that includes both the experiential opportunities and the leadership development needs necessary to drive the organisation’s strategy today and tomorrow.

Framed in the language of business, these development plans sync directly to the board’s decision criteria, the organisation’s X-factors, and the strategic priorities of the business.

Where appropriate, candidates may be matched with an experienced executive mentor for one-to-one coaching in support of the development plan.



Merryck works within your governance structure to help simplify the many complex data-sets and voices, translating them into accessible, clear and jargon-free decision frameworks. Working behind the scenes or as facilitators, we help key stakeholders in Nom & Gov, HR and Talent, and the C-suite craft intentional practices for engaging candidates, assessing evaluation data, and creating alignment for navigating gates in the selection process. Our approach helps leaders constructively illuminate blind spots or biases in their discussions.

Achieving simplicity is hard — but the rewards in clarity and decision-making are worth the focus and commitment. Let us help maximise your return on those efforts.