Adaptive Leadership Teams – Fostering Agility and Innovation

Few leaders would dispute that, if businesses are to withstand disruption, it is imperative to harness innovation and agility. The events of 2020 have certainly demonstrated this with the organisations that adapted at a speed previously unthought of surviving or thriving at the expense of those who paused.

The disruption prompted different approaches to both leading and running a business. Merryck Mentor, Peter Hutchinson, found that many leaders were pleasantly surprised at how well their teams responded and adapted – “The crisis pulled people together. It led to a lot of multi-level team working and a significant move to non-hierarchical activity. People have now seen that this can deliver remarkable results fast.”

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Adaptive Leadership Teams – The Benefit of Cohesion and Engagement Within Leadership Teams

Many leaders would agree there’s nothing as good as a crisis to bring people together. Merryck have found that the teams we’ve spoken to have organically created a level of cohesion and engagement in 2020 but now need to build on this foundation with a renewed energy to enable them to adapt as a team with a future focus.

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Adaptive Leadership Teams – Renewed Clarity and Future Focus

Throughout 2020 we’ve seen leadership teams pull together decisively, at speed and with great focus. They have successfully implemented unprecedented levels of change and demonstrated immense agility.

From our discussions with leadership teams many feel the adrenaline-fuelled drive they unleashed at the start of the pandemic isn’t sustainable long-term. Merryck mentor, Peter Hutchinson, has observed that many leaders still have a huge number of commitments but are exhausted. “The breathless pace they face really shuts them off from doing the kind of deep thinking that opens up other possibilities. They’re [still] in this urgency and busyness addiction.”

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Adaptive Leadership Teams – Re-energising and Focusing Your Leadership Team For Greater Impact

In the current environment, leadership teams are using different tactics, some are waiting and others are creatively embracing the ‘new normal.’ And as Sharon Daniels, CEO of Arria NLG recently said, “Let’s focus on where the opportunities are, and let’s envision coming out of this almost like it accelerated us forward… This crisis is like a reset if you take the opportunity.”

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Leading in an Age of Ambiguity

As countries begin to ease their Coronavirus lock-down measures, it is clear organisations will not be returning to a normal landscape.  Stark forecasts from the likes of the Bank of England suggest the brand-new world will be one of deep recession with further challenging times ahead.

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Learning and Adapting the Organisation Out of the Crisis

With many countries now reporting passing the peak of the coronavirus, organisations are beginning to evaluate their response to the unprecedented challenges of recent months.  For some of the leaders the Merryck & Co team have spoken with, there is now a definite lens adjustment from the immediate urgent response to focusing on what happens next.

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Managing the Impact of Threat Arousal During the Crisis

The pandemic has required leaders to react in the right way to protect their organisations and maximise the chances of organisational survival.  Pressure and change have come in a form and at a pace rarely imagined and most have had to act with great speed and agility.

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Creating a Strong Thinking Framework for Leadership Through the Crisis

In our white paper Navigating the Leadership Landscape Out of the Crisis, we discussed leaders’ need for a thinking framework. We described it as the roots of a tree – strengthening the leader (the trunk of the tree) to support the branches (different aspects of the organisation) with whatever the weather (the crisis) throws at them.

This framework creates a vital support environment for leaders to reflect and find clarity of thinking, take a breath to gain insights and strengthen their resilience. It helps them lead their organisations more effectively in the unfamiliar landscape.

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Navigating the Leadership Landscape Out of the Crisis

The Merryck team continues to keep busy supporting executives across the world as they seek to lead their organisations response to the pandemic.

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Merryck & Co. announces the appointment of the new Head of Faculty, EMEA

LONDON — Merryck & Co., the global leadership firm is pleased to announce that Marjorie Kaplan has been appointed Head of Faculty, and has joined the Executive Committee, with effect from 1 October 2019.

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