• Director - Services

Mary Boland


Mary is a Senior Associate at Merryck & Co. where she provides consulting and project management support of team, cohort and succession engagements in addition to working on account management. In her role, she regularly interfaces with leadership teams and works with Merryck leadership and Mentors on interviews where she captures and synthesizes key themes and insights. She regularly works with Merryck leadership and customers in the development of senior leader development solutions. Mary, who is Hogan Certified, collaborates on assessments specifically related to Merryck’s succession practice. She also works closely with the Merryck team doing research and writing on emerging topics. Mary started with Merryck as an Associate working in customer and client services.


Mary is a graduate of Georgetown University where she earned a degree in Government. She also studied in Italy at Georgetown’s Villa Le Balze. Her previous experience includes being a Virginia Special Projects Fellow for Terry McAuliffe for Governor.