Piers Fallowfield-Cooper


Undiagnosed dyslexia meant that Piers Fallowfield-Cooper was something of a late starter. Making up for lost time however, he now has over 30 years experience as a senior executive with various MD, President, CEO and Chairman roles in global finance, e-publishing and technology. A great believer in the use of all the human ‘talents’, he was interviewed by the FT on the use of intuition in business and featured as an example of an inspiring holistic leader.


Over the last decade, Piers is privileged to have mentored over 60 ‘C suite’ executives from all over the world. With an MSc in Coaching, a Certificate in Applied Neuroscience and his business experience, Piers is well equipped to deal with the many and varied client situations he encounters. Working with his client’s ‘personal mythology’, he seeks to discover their internal compass to act as a guide and anchor for all the work that they subsequently do together. As a passionate believer in the power of people and with a willingness to propose a contrary view, Piers is respected by those who know him for his insight, wisdom and compassion.

Career History

Beginning his career in the financial markets of the City of London, rapid promotion took Piers to Chicago, learning about the futures and commodity markets. Later, after working with a major US bond house, he moved into general management with a focus on the development of global sales and marketing strategies working on projects in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific developing, in the process, a significant insight into geographical cultural differences. Piers then became President, and later Chairman, of the International Division of Oster Communications Inc. best known for its FutureSource real-time market data service and the Oster-Dow Jones News services. Responsible for expanding the business internationally, he was a key member and then leader of the team that increased the enterprise value of the business by a factor of 5 during an 11 year period, whilst also taking the company from bottom quartile to top quartile in areas of service reliability, customer satisfaction and client retention.


Piers has a keen interest in travel, music and a lifelong love of learning. He has just completed a semi autobiographical book on leadership titled ‘From the heart to the head and back again – Confessions of a seduced executive’.