Varda Shine


Varda Shine is recognised as one of the major powerbrokers in the international jewellery trade, with a career in diamonds, the ultimate luxury product, spanning 30 years. As CEO of De Beers Diamond Trading Company (DTC), Varda led the business to deliver record sales and profits. Working across borders, she developed pioneering approaches to collaborating with government partners from Southern Africa to Canada. She has overseen the creation of an international network of public/private joint-venture operations in sensitive and multi-cultural environments, dealing with complex supply chain while delivering on the expectations of major international clients.


With a strong focus on collaborative working, Varda’s approach develops and empowers teams and individuals to recognise opportunities and to maximise their potential through transformative business thinking and acute commercial intuition. She has a strong track record in developing talent from diverse cultures and embedding effective succession planning to ensure business sustainability. A champion of diversity, Varda has proven the commercial effectiveness of developing and supporting integrated employment across cultures to the benefit of businesses and the local communities in which they operate. Varda’s approach is epitomised by the words of economist Bernard Baruch: “You don’t have to blow out the other fellow’s light to let your own shine.”

Career History

In 2013, having successfully completed one of the largest transfers of economic activity from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere – the multibillion dollar relocation of the DTC business from the UK to Botswana – Varda stepped down as CEO to pursue a portfolio career.
Varda has completed business and management courses at Templeton College, Oxford, Cranfield and INSEAD. She was the first woman to be awarded honorary lifetime membership of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) and in 2011 received the Women’s Jewellery Association (WJA) Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2014 she was awarded Honorary Membership of the London Diamond Bourse.


Varda is married to Chaim; Opera, travelling and yoga are her hobbies, but mostly enjoys friends and family.