Who will be the Global Leaders of Tomorrow? Expert in Leadership Development Joins Merryck & Co as a Mentor to CEOs and Future Business Leaders.

September 5, 2019

LONDON — Merryck & Co, the global leadership development firm, announces that Martina Muttke, a Swiss-based executive with a passion for and expertise in developing the global leaders of tomorrow, has joined its group of mentors.

With expertise spanning over 50 countries and various cultures, Martina has developed and led organisations through major transformation and change; and has played a role in both regional and global executive teams whilst working for global companies; including GSK, Bayer, Shire and Bertelsmann.

“Martina is familiar with the impact and challenges of cultural and social differences facing global businesses. This expertise has benefitted greatly the CEOs and business leaders she mentors.  It is rare to find someone who is so well versed in the complexities of international, highly matrixed organisations. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her in a mentoring relationship will grow significantly as a business leader and with commercial success,” said Pat Chapman-Pincher, Chairman of Merryck & Co. Europe.

Being a medical doctor by training, Martina likes to pair her business experience with elements of recent scientific advances in medicine and neuroscience. Her individual approach to each mentoring client supports them in initiating sustainable change.

Martina worked as a Senior Executive in FTSE 100/ Dax 30 healthcare companies. Living and working in Mexico, Italy and Switzerland, she has managed regions all around the globe and built large medical expert functions in both developing and growth markets.

Martina has a track record of change management in environments of acquisitions and restructurings. She studied medicine in Germany and Italy and received her doctorate from the University of Cologne. Martina is a Harvard graduate from the AMP flagship program, and member of the Harvard Clubs in Zurich and Lisbon

As an ICF accredited coach, she coaches and mentors senior leaders, but also works with start-ups and students of the Harvard Healthcare program.

Martina splits her time between Switzerland and Portugal with her partner João and dog Milly. They enjoy travelling to new places, and experiencing new culinary experiences. Having lived and worked in various countries including Mexico, she has partly adopted the Latin culture and combines this with her German upbringing.

Formerly the founder and chairman of a Swiss not-for-profit crowdfunding platform for people needing medical assistance, she enjoys charitable work, and is currently supporting a foundation for children and families with rare diseases.

With her passion as a lifelong learner, Martina started playing the drums in her forties, and is an Angel Investor in discovering and supporting Healthcare startups.


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