Peter Hutchinson


Peter is a broad-based business leader with a passion for developing organisations and people. Following a sound grounding at Mars Inc and Kingfisher plc, Peter held four MD roles at ICL and Fujitsu and led the successful transformation programme that was responsible for the turnaround of the €3.5bn business. He has operated at board level for more than 25 years.


Peter works with business leaders in a variety of ways that bring out their underlying strengths, clarify their goals, transform their relationships and develop their understanding and ability to operate in more senior roles. Peter also works with management teams, facilitating strategic choice, leadership development and teamwork. A Henley Business School qualified executive coach and mentor since 2008, Peter has worked with dozens of leaders and leadership teams across Europe. As well as Peter’s huge breadth of business experience, he also brings insights from psychology, neuroscience, Eastern philosophy and martial arts.

Career History

A Cambridge graduate, Peter spent 14 years with the Mars Group including 3 years working in the USA. He was an Executive Director for Superdrug Stores plc and then B&Q plc. Peter took his first MD role at ICL in 1996 when he turned round ICL Sorbus UK. From 1999-2002, he ran the £675M Operational Services business turning it from loss to profit and adding 8 margin points to the bottom line. In 2002, he led a major change programme which restructured the whole of ICL around a new and much simpler business model that led to improved customer satisfaction, margin and cash generation. This business became Fujitsu Services. Peter became responsible for over 11,000 people and a wide range of company assets across 15 countries, driving a productivity improvement of 25% in two years. He negotiated and sold very large services contracts and led some of the largest and most difficult public sector programmes.


Peter is married with 3 grown sons, is an active jazz musician and his interests include studying and teaching t’ai chi.