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How we work

Our Unique Approach to Mentoring

We bring a unique approach combining mentoring and developmental coaching to all of our work and underpin each engagement with a robust discovery and casting process to ensure strong chemistry between the mentor and the mentee or team.


Executive Mentoring

Each Mentoring assignment begins with an in-depth casting process which takes into account the development objectives of the individual and the business as well as the chemistry fit for the individual and mentor.

The Merryck Retreat

Once the chemistry has been agreed between the mentee and the mentor the engagement commences with a one-to-one mentoring deep dive, which we call ‘the retreat’. A Merryck Retreat is a unique and powerful experience where the client will clarify their values, motivations and strengths and look at their behaviours, relationships, business model, strategy and resources. They will emerge with a clear action plan that will start the growth process and a trusted relationship with a Mentor whose only agenda is the continued success of their client within their strategic context.

Unlimited access

During their Mentoring, Merryck clients receive unlimited access to their mentor as well as access to the wider faculty of mentors as required. We are not aligned to specific tools or frameworks, each engagement is tailored to the individual leader and the mentor will bring relevant theory, tools and exercises as appropriate for the development of the mentee.


Executive Team Development

Accelerating team performance is not a linear journey, therefore we work to understand your context and tailor the engagement to your team’s unique situation.


Discovery phase

We start with a discovery phase which engages each team member individually and then integrate and align with the leader on an approach that drives results. By starting with the individuals we build trust and a common language which informs the workshops and accelerates their contribution throughout the programme. These conversations also enable us to build an agenda which is truly contextual and co-designed with the team.

Group sessions

Our team engagements bring together a combined approach of group work and 1:1 conversations which are designed to drive team and individual development. Within the sessions Mentors use different approaches to stimulate learning, including facilitated full team discussion, group work and pair work. As the sessions themselves are dynamic, our Mentors bring their experience to respond to points which arise in the room on the day and can flex the agenda to discuss these points.

Theory and practice

We use models which are already embedded within your organisation and also bring relevant theory and tools to the sessions to stimulate conversation and reframe thinking. Our experience tells us that team development is a continuous process of learning that achieves greatest results over a sustained period of time. We give teams the tools and confidence to continue their development beyond their work with us, such that the value of the work transcends the term of their engagement with us.


Cohort Mentoring

Our Cohort Mentoring commences with a discovery phase which includes confidential conversations with the key stakeholders of the programme in order to ensure we understand the real objectives of the investment. We use these conversations to inform the co-creation of the programme and to ensure all stakeholders’ opinions are taken into account. In our experience for real accelerated performance to take place it is necessary for the senior leaders of the business to place a real priority on the work and set clear expectations of the outcomes.


The cohort will be supported through both 1:1 and group work to ensure that progress is made against joint and individual objectives. Each individual will be matched with a Mentor for their 1:1 mentoring and coaching. This work is the thread that runs through the cohort programme ensuring that the principles are explored and embedded in real world challenges. This will lead to a profound behavioural shift in line with the company’s strategic imperatives. We use a strengths-based approach that ensures that each individual understands how to maximise their contribution. It also enables participants to understand and appreciates their colleagues and focus their attention on achieving the collective objectives.


Whilst maintaining individual confidentiality, we ensure that there is a feedback loop between the group and 1:1 sessions to feed in key themes and learnings throughout.

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