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Who we are

A global senior leadership development firm

We are a senior leadership development firm comprised of experienced CEOs and senior business leaders with Mentors located across the globe. We are passionate about the positive impact that effective leadership can have within organisations, as well as the benefit to society as a whole.

Learn only from the best

In their time as C-suite executives, and through their mentoring work, our Faculty have experienced a wide range of business scenarios and economic cycles, which informs how they work with their clients.

Our Mentors
Marjorie Kaplan

Rigorous selection process

We apply a rigorous approach to the recruitment of our mentors selecting individuals who demonstrate a history of developing themselves as well as their employees. Each mentor continues their professional development not only through a recognised coaching qualification but also our monthly Faculty meetings which include supervision and mentoring practice to ensure we maintain the highest possible professional standards.


Our Values

What we stand for

01 Curiosity

We seek the potential in each leader to grow. We enjoy and inspire new perspectives, and we strive for meaning and understanding.

02 Generosity

Our only measure of success is our clients’ success. While our contributions may be largely invisible to the outside world, we find tremendous rewards in delivering on the purity of that mission.

03 Courage

We have the tough conversations.

We bring a shared commitment to developing deeper understanding and broader perspectives, even if that requires our clients to leave their comfort zones, and for us to leave our own.

Client Benefits


Empowering better leadership

Our work is transformative, both personally and professionally, supporting senior executives at key inflection points including succession planning readiness, accelerating development or stepping to a bigger role, particularly on ExCo or the Board.


Learn from the ones who have been there

All our mentors are accomplished leaders themselves and bring this experience alongside a coaching approach to enable greater strategic clarity, better decision making and more impactful execution.  Their experience as former CEOs and global business leaders spans almost every industry, from startups to the world’s largest and most iconic companies. Being able to coach and mentor with an operator’s lens, brings real world insights and experience that drive outcomes.


A fresh point of view

Our mentors help leaders to see things differently and to think differently. They can help unravel a complex leadership challenge or opportunity, identifying different perspectives and new angles of approach that bring valuable contributions to the individuals strategic leadership experience.


Chemistry counts

Strong chemistry is the foundation for the success of an engagement. We apply thoughtful consideration of both personal and professional criteria—personal chemistry being the principal factor— when choosing the right mentor to ensure a successful and mutually rewarding relationship.

Chris Beer
Merryck Mentor and Senior Partner

Empowering better leadership

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