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Creation of a new Global Organisation

Exec mentoring 4


Merryck & Co had been assigned initially to help support the new head of the UK trading arm of this international energy provider. It evolved into the conceptualisation, planning and creation of a new global trading organisation.


The mentoring assignment started with the goal of ensuring the effective leadership of the UK trading arm – the largest and most important part of the business. It became apparent over time that trading is a global business and that, in order to compete, a new global trading organisation was required. Once the plan had been developed and accepted, the assignment moved on to how best to integrate the international businesses, develop a diverse centralised leadership structure in a new office in Germany, create a global culture with shared values and keep the business running profitably at the same time.


The new organisation has been successfully established, the benefits of a global perspective have been delivered with real impact on the bottom line, and the client has since been promoted to CEO of the UK company.

“My Merryck mentor’s driving mission was to see me succeed. Trusting him gave me the confidence to work through a variety of issues with a very capable and seasoned professional whose only concern was me.”