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FTSE 100 Executive Team

Team 2

Context and challenge

A member of the Group Exco with a mandate integral to the successful delivery of the organisations strategy needed a more collaborative team aligned to the broader strategy of the business. They lacked clarity on their purpose as a team and largely operated in a siloed environment.


Merryck began by mentoring the leader of the team who is a member of the Group Exco. He then brought us in to facilitate workshops with his team and subsequently offered each of his team members their own mentor. Based on the teams outlook we used tools to enable them to create a common language and build a deeper understanding of each other and their strengths. This is an on-going relationship with workshops taking place around once a quarter.


Gave the team a clear sense of their capability and how they can better manage their stakeholders. The team more effectively challenge each other and have robust and constructive conversations. They have agreed a set of behaviours for moving forward as an aligned team to deliver against the strategy.