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Merryck welcomes new Operating Partners amid growth in demand for 1:1 Mentoring and Executive Team development/alignment

Tom and Paul

On the back of two years of COVID restrictions, and hybrid working, executive teams are coming back together and seeking the wisdom of experienced senior leaders/ mentors to support both individual leaders and their teams in what has become a new landscape.

With year-on-year growth for the past decade Merryck & Co. (Merryck) support CEOs, senior executives, and executive leadership teams to enhance their leadership impact to the benefit of all stakeholders. Established in 1998, Merryck’s customers include many of the most senior leaders across FTSE 100 & 250 as well as government organisations and privately held companies.

Merryck’s mentors are all former CEOs and business leaders with experience across a diverse range of sectors and geographies. Over the course of the last five years, Merryck has worked with over 150 companies around the world, and benefits from its faculty of over 35 mentors, composed of ten nationalities.

Merryck welcomes two new Operating Partners to accelerate their plans for growth in supporting leaders to navigate the complex post pandemic landscape. A landscape of transformation, hybrid workers, increased cyber threats, climate change & sustainability, diversity & inclusion and a growing focus on people and mental health.

Paul Peplow and Tom Beedham will support existing and new customers by providing strategic counsel to business leaders and stakeholders.

Paul Peplow joined as Operating Partner in March, having spent 20 years in the Talent and Leadership space within FTSE 100 companies. Prior to joining Merryck, Paul was Global VP of Talent for ARM Ltd and supported the most senior teams as they transitioned from a FTSE 50 into private ownership by Softbank. Before this he led the talent management agenda at Telefonica O2 Europe after working within the UK business for 5 years. Previous sector experience includes Pharma with GSK, FMCG with Diageo and Financial Services with Lloyds and NatWest bank.

Tom Beedham joins this week, having spent over 16 years in the mentoring space working for Criticaleye. Most recently Tom led their Board Mentoring Service and held responsibility for the events and content for Chairs and Non-Executive Directors. His experience has given him great insight into the evolving nature of executive roles.

In 2021, Merryck & Co partnered with MW&L Capital Partners (“MW&L”) and funds controlled and advised by MW&L * acquired the share capital of Merryck.

As part of the partnership, Matthew Westerman, a Director of MW&L, became Chair of Merryck.

Commenting on the investment in two new Operating Partners:

Chris Beer, Executive Director at Merryck & Co. said: Merryck & Co has a well-deserved reputation as a leader in the field of executive development. It has an excellent faculty of mentors and is fortunate to work with a wide range of public and private companies.

The addition of Paul and Tom to our team will enable us to further support our existing customers and expand our reach by geography, sector and client base built on Merryck’s core values of courage, curiosity and generosity.”


* Established in 1998, Merryck & Co. is a leading executive mentoring firm, supporting CEOs, senior executives, andexecutive leadership teams to enhance their leadership impact to the benefit of all stakeholders.

* MW&L is a private investment firm based in London. MW&L is owned and operated by Matthew Westerman, Julian Metherell and Peter Livanos

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