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Executive Team Development

A unique challenge

A core challenge for organisations today lies in the interfaces and relationships between people, teams, functions and different stakeholder needs.


Decades of first-hand experience

Merryck Team Mentors are current Board members or former C-suite Executives, grounded in real-world challenges facing leaders. Our work with teams is designed to build leaders capability and resourcefulness to enable them to face the future with confidence.

Our partnership

From the outset we work with you and the members of the team to understand your context and priorities. We then tailor the engagement to your leadership team, providing the space for you to have open conversations and arming you with the tools to fully execute your agreed strategy.

Simon Linares

Our approach

Our approach is powerful, practical and action orientated, combining our Mentors’ operational experience and expert facilitation with a library of the best thinking around leadership development.

We begin with a rigorous scoping and review process to ensure that clear goals are set, allowing for re-enforcement of key themes and course-correction along the way as required. The process is dynamic and aligned to the team working in partnership with the leader to assess the team’s evolution and work towards optimal outcomes.

Typical senior team engagements include:

  • Executive team performance
  • New team integration
  • Cross-team alignment
  • Business model transformation
  • Executive team calibration
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Recent team experiences

“My first time being a direct beneficiary of working with Merryck rather than an agent.  Having experienced it first-hand I am even more of an advocate. Chris helped me to shape the composition of the day and the direction of travel.  You showed great understanding of what I was hoping to achieve.  The interview process was very valuable.  You helped to foster trust in the team.  The ability to change the agenda according to the energy in the room led to a very powerful pay-off for us. Getting to a clear purpose for the team and a charter for how we operate was a great outcome from the time we spent together. I valued the empathetic approach that helped to generate a huge leap forward in personal connections.  Taking the time to attend the dinner was much appreciated and helped to further build trust and standing with the group”.

Brendan Kelly

Credit Suisse

“Merryck worked with me to hold a two day workshop with my Leadership Team as part of our development activities to create a high performing team. The way the workshop was developed really helped us develop as individuals and as a team and in two days we were clearer on who we were as a team, what we wanted to achieve and how we were going to behave to achieve it. What really stands the test of time is that as a team we re-visited the outcomes many times to ensure we were on the right track and truly were able to hold ourselves accountable; we use the tools every day and the leadership team then used many of the same approaches with their teams – always to a very positive effect. That workshop created the foundations for us to become one of the highest performing teams in the business”.

Brendan O’Rourke



“Merryck have been working with the BT Technology team on both 1:1 and team mentoring for the last 10 months. We found the individual retreats very helpful with thoughtful, quality interventions and appropriate challenges from our mentors. As the leader of the team I have found the time with my mentor very valuable in helping me to set out a clear agenda, actions and priorities for both myself and the leadership team”.

Howard Watson

Chief Technology and Information Officer

“As the new and externally appointed CEO it became swiftly evident that the company’s past successes would not be continued in the future without a major shift in direction, leadership attitudes and ways of working. Merryck developed with us, coached and then delivered an impactful 3-day retreat for the Group Executive Committee. In advance they conducted interviews with all the senior leaders to stimulate their thinking in the new context, pulled together emerging themes to drive content and set expectations. They took a holistic approach to the delegates as an individual, as a leader and in the context of their Exco role. The clarity of direction and the honesty, curiosity and respect for each other visibly grew over the 3 days and the momentum created continues. I often recommend Merryck for their 1:1 mentoring. Now I am happy to recommend them for their team mentoring”.

Former CEO

Puma Energy