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The Path to Power

Women's Leadership Programme

This tailored leadership development programme for C-suite -1 female executives has been created following requests from our customers and our recognition that female leaders continue to face significant hurdles when it comes to navigating into senior leadership positions.


We strongly believe that increased female representation in Executive Committees and senior leadership teams is critical for the success of future-facing organisations and should be a priority for CEO’s. We have developed this programme to support the next generation of senior female leaders get to power and understand what to do with it when they get there.


Building on our mentoring expertise and our extensive network, we have designed a programme which combines 1:1 individual development with a with a series of workshops focused on development areas, the most relevant thinking and inspirational speakers. The cohort approach will provide participants with a network of peers, who by learning together will have the opportunity to build relationships and understand broader perspectives outside of their own. Members of the cohort will operate at ExCo -1 in global, complex organisations and be carefully curated to ensure a broad mix of industries and experience.


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“I have a fantastic relationship with my mentor that has been built over an extended period, but which was established quickly at our initial retreat. The intensity and exploration of the retreat was a super charged way of getting to know and trust each other from the start. My mentor has helped me adjust to new roles and new environments, navigate challenging stakeholder relations and stay focused on what is important to me. She regularly reminds me how to use my strengths and gives me perspective. I know I wouldn’t have had the success I’ve had without her help.”

Clare Gilmartin

“Working with my Mentor has been immeasurably valuable in supporting me as a leader and an individual. From the initial power of our first session, the chemistry and connection with my Mentor was there, which has allowed me to be entirely open throughout our relationship. My mentor has the ability to check me and enable me to think very differently. We work on both a long term plan as well as on the day to day and Varda always goes back to the commitments which we made at the retreat which grounds everything to the longer term focus. My role involved a move to a new country and our focus on me as a whole person has been really important in supporting my smooth transition as well as being even more important in the last year as we dealt with the COVID situation. Working with Varda is not only beneficial to me as a leader, but also hugely enjoyable”

Gillian Doran

CFO, Anglo Gold Ashanti

“I was supported by a Merryck mentor during the Group CEO succession process at Admiral as well as my first 18 months in the role. It was important for me to have a safe space to think about my development as a leader and have dedicated periods of self-reflection. My mentor ensured that I put myself in the shoes of other stakeholders, he was empathetic to my situation and provided an external perspective. We discussed a diverse range of issues, some that were personally complicated, and my mentor provided an excellent sounding board throughout our time working together. The mentoring supported me through some difficult decisions, how to communicate these effectively, and as a result accelerate changes in the organisation.”

Milena Mondini de Focatiis

CEO, Admiral Group