Our People

Our team of more than 75 mentors have each spent a decade or more running complex, global
organisations. Trained as coaches, Merryck mentors bring an operator’s lens to leadership
development. This combination brings an unparalleled level of experience to leadership
development that helps clients generate insights and drive outcomes.

We work in partnership with our colleagues in the US - The ExCo Group - to deliver global leadership development.

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Chris Beer

Derek Browne

Annette Court

Alan Dean

Jacqueline de Rojas

Annemarie Durbin

Piers Fallowfield-Cooper

Emma FitzGerald

Margaret Heffernan

Andy Homer

Peter Hutchinson

Marjorie Kaplan

Dennis Kerslake

Rudi Kindts

Simon Linares

Dame Louise Makin

Paul Matthews

Frank Pedersen

Parm Sandhu

Varda Shine

Geoff Tudhope